All the World

Let me fix the world for you.

Set all the trees right,

Save the polar bears and bananas and water,

And give me some time, pause everything or add a couple of hours to what I deserve. 

I’ve been working hard and working slow 

and none of this will be done by the time you’re me-old. 

Let the skies clear up and the children eat enough. 

Let the cars run on wishes and the people find dreams. 

Let surprises be good and news be routine. Let the bad be temporary. 

Let the problem be solved by the end of the book. 

Let the hero be young and feel like doing good. 

Let the martyrs not be scared and let the children have someone to go to when they fear. 

And let all the bad things be followed by good. 

Let me fix this. Let me fix this. 

Let me put the world in a globe and let you spin and spin it as you should.



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