I Wish My Pencil Flew Like A Plane




I wish my pencil flew like a plane

then I could sketch you down to the last vein.

I wish my lungs had the strength to blow

quicker and sharper and easier to come

just so I could make a tune that would capture you.

I wish I had steadier hands in my claim

so, I could save the lives of the ill in your name.

I wish that I had the skill to code the entire web

so that I could paint your interests onto the inside of every metal set.


You make me wish that I was a genius

You make me wish to go back in time

not so could meet you before

but so, I could deserve you when I return.


I would learn the ways of the innovators of Egypt

I would learn the ways of the conquerors of Great Britain

I would intern with the learned Muslims

I would intern with the patient Buddhists

I would play chess and dice with Genghis

and I would gather the harvest of the Mayans

just so I could sweep

all the knowledge that I have reaped

to the edges of your feet

to prove that I do

know how to learn like you.

See you in another day,


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