Late Night Trouble

I could see the darkness of the night from where I stood. It looked as if the day was upon us and the night was creeping in. The light hung above us like a vulture’s ghost, harmless yet ominous. And the shadows were like a passerby’s perfume, setting lightly on one’s skin and refusing to drift until wind. I could see the road, and the bright signs of the old gas station. It sold the widest variety of bearclaws. I could smell them from here. I heard a putter from the pump as it stopped. And a click as a door unlocked by my ear. I sat, frozen on the leather seat, the cool night drying the sweat seeping from my skin. I couldn’t move, could barely breathe, as the figure next to me smiled.
“You look tense, loosen up.”
I swallowed, forcing my shoulders down in a slouch.
His gun grazed my temple lightly. “That’s my girl.”

See you in another day,


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