I’ve been salting my own sweetness for years now
diluting my ambitions with untested fears
keeping your loving words on sinking pedestals
I’m sorry for shaking the house when I fell down.

All the walls are painted white
I’m working on erasing the feeling of being kept
you are worthy of a longer stay but at your behest- so ask me.
I would end this fight for another one of your flying kites.

My heart has been hot pudding and cold custard for the longest time.
love-shaped strawberries decorating my shoulders;
I’ve been waiting for good things.
I’ve been doing just fine.

Keep your light on my fingers
I’m still working
I can still be better
Let me linger, my friend.

Do you open empty boxes?
stare into cardboard abysses?
I’ve been doing a lot of wishing
I’ve been wishing you and I were locked in.

Do you even think of me when you’re trying out my desires?
been pulling your punches
I’ve been doing a lot of wishing
wish you would come back with fire.


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