I have loved

I have loved being here. I have loved sitting in this chair.
I have loved every second of talking about your hair.
I have loved your dimpled face and your scowl at my mistakes.
Perhaps I haven’t been the best; we’ve all hurt each other many times in jest
And even when the pain has caught us in anger
you’ve stayed with me and my bitter cloud anchor.

I have loved you and you have loved me
I can’t question the thought because I have eyes that can see
And the world is so cruel and so are we
But everything is better when I’m swimming in this sea with someone who knows me
And I’m living this life with someone who trusts me
Who isn’t quite sure what I’m going to do.
And doesn’t quite think I’ve got the brains for the issue
But oh doesn’t that make us worth it
And doesn’t it make it harder when we inevitably part
I have loved you with all of my heart.


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