This greyness

I can ponder for hours the shapeless shadow that comes from the thought of you.
It is filled with grey loveliness,
grey hopes, and grey dreams
ambitions the shade of silenced lamps.

You are silent yet you smile consistently.
I see upturned edges of lips and creases folding beside your eyes,
I can see the fullness- the entirety- of your smile
The rest of you is a blur I do not pay attention to.

You never speak, but your hum burns my ears
And I know that you know things
(it could not be more strong, more clear)
You have wisdom and stupidity
like a human man,
and I cannot wait for the lovely greyness to color,
and for the reveal of imperfections and annoyance,
and more and more colored loveliness to overtake the shadow in my mind.
Color me impressed, you have the sense to take your time.


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